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Having been a small business owner, paralegal, mother and grandmother sister and friend, my roots are here. These are just part of my roles, but not what defines me. I am proud of my servant, yet leadership background. Life is about having hope, giving hope, and having a great cause that benefits others not just ourselves. While making mistakes in life there are always victories. Utilizing both makes you stronger and able to relate to more people, hence my decision to campaign for US House of Representatives 2022 in the great State of Wyoming. 


PRO-WYOMING: Being the Voice of Wyoming and what the residents want from their representative for the best interests of our State.

PRO-AMERICA: Keeping our Christian Values as a Nation and Protecting from Domestic and Foreign Enemies.

PRO-LAW ENFORCEMENT: Respect for Law Enforcement and Military advocating for the needed training to deal with the public criminal element.

PRO-LIFE:  Protecting all Unborn Children of Wyoming & the Sanctity of Life in General.

PRO-GUN & PRO SECOND AMENDMENT:  "To keep and bear arms."  Keep weapons OUT of the hands of criminals.

NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS IN WYOMING: As a state still we need oil, gas and coal. Partnering with billionaires such as Buffet and Gates being involved in our energy resources will inevitably cause Wyoming to store nuclear waste to our detriment. Reevaluation is needed for safety and future job, water supply and natural resource conservation.

BLM & ANTIFA:  Are indeed Domestic Terrorists and should be dealt with. Lawlessness cannot be tolerated in any form. Burning and looting of Neighborhood businesses IS NOT A PEACEFUL PROTEST! Lawlessness is not acceptable - nor to be tolerated.

BALANCED BUDGET: We need to get the Hemorrhaging of funding stopped from Democrats and RINOS thinking the American People are an endless supply of cash starting with the flood of Illegal Immigrants.

CLOSE OUR BORDERS: Take care of our own country's needs and its legal citizens. The rest of the world can work out their own needs without our input.

TAKE BACK AMERICA: Everyday "We the people,” true American Conservatives, are being bullied by the Socialist Agenda taking place in our Nation. As citizens of the State of Wyoming and United States of America we have a patriotic duty, at any level, to be involved; to be a voice of reason and common sense.
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